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david smith

Date Posted:August 20, 2003
Personal Website:none

I was a Sgt/E-5(P) stationed in Aschaffenburg, Germany. We were notified in Sept 90 that our unit  HHC 4/66 Ar was going in 1st Ar 1st Bde's place, they had already disbanned it and our Division Cdr  volunteered us. 

We left Germany on 31 Dec 90  and spent new years eve on a C141 flying to Saudi Arabia.  We landed there in Damand and I don't remember how long we stayed in warehouses.  I was sent out on the advanced party.

When our vehicles got there we trained and trained.  We were the battalion Scout Plt 

We moved into position close to the Iraqi border and crossed over on the 24th of Feb.  We lost one soldier to enemy fire, the platoon Sgt lost his leg, and his gunner was burnt.  We lost 2 bradleys that day  27 Feb 91

I got back to Germany in May 91  and got out of the army in Mar 92. Several years went by with no problems, then slowly the symptoms started.  Aching joints, headaches memory loss, fatique, muscle weakness.  The VA could not find anything specific,  they chaulked it up to PTSD. Last Year i got a letter telling me my unit was near Kasimayah chemical Depot when it was destroyed.

My VA has been real good to me. They got me compensation for PTSD and are really trying to find out what's wrong.

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