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David Brinker

Date Posted:April 30, 2003
Personal Website:Not Disclosed

Served in theatre 14 Jan 01 to 23 May 01 in 32nd Trans Co, 4th Trans Bn, 2nd COSCOM, VII Corps as a Food Service Specialist. 

I spent about two weeks in Iraq at Log Base Nellingen, about 34 miles from the Saudi/Iraq Border.  I don't know the grid.  The night the air war began, at about 0300, we cooks were preparing our M2 burners to cook breakfast, when the perimeter M8 alarm sounded.  We masked, sounded the alarm, and checked out the M8 which registered nerve agent.  About 20-30 minutes later after the NBC NCO did a 256 test, it was clear.  Unfortunately for us we were already exposed.  This occurred at Log Base Alpha. 

I retired in 1999 as E-8 due to my failing health.  I never could stomach going to sick call and missing PT.  Now, April, 2003, I'm disabled and on Social Security due to Neurological problems and I'm still fighting for the VA to admit my injuries.  They tried to only give me 10% for 'Undiagnosed.'  Don't let them do it.  These are real diagnosable illnesses, they just won't admit it.  What I have is called Organophosphate Induced Delayed Poly-Neuropathy(Nerve Agent Poisoning). 

If you have to fight it I recommend a vet group with lawyers in DC such as DAV for help.  Also, use your Representatives, hound them like crazy.  Don't let them tell you it's emotional, psychological, or 'Somatization.'  God Bless The USA!


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