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Phillip Robertson

Date Posted:December 28, 1999
Personal Website:Not Disclosed

I was in NMCB 40, stationed out of camp 13. Our batallion was one of the first in country, I spent the entire seven months of conflict there serving in many areas of saudi arabia. From moving equipment to and from the border areas in suport of the 1st marine expiditionary force and building the red lake gunnery range road, ammo supply dumps, airport extetion ramps and anything else needed to get the job done. I joined the service to help get my life in order and had little thought of serving in an overseas conflict but there I was helping defend a country I knew little or nothing about.

Ever since my return to the states I've felt run down, old you might say, but I've never been one to complain and thought little or nothing about it untill one day I suffered a knee injury in a pickup game of basketball. Like I said I'm not one to complain but four years had gone by and my injury seemed to get nothing but worse, reluctantly I turned to the V.A. for some sort of care and was turned away many times untill I told them that I was a gulf war vet. Suddenly doors started to open up for care but not without severe testing.To make a long story short at 29 I've been told that I've had cronic obstructive lung disease and possably graves disease for quite some time now. Of course none of this is service related or inherant in my family. Can one realy belive that the exposure to all of the smoke and near misses has little or nothing to do with vets developing strange disorders at such young ages, not to mention the fact that a meaningfull relationship with a woman seems to be as elusive as bigfoot. Please let me know if any of my fellow seabees have developed similar simptoms, remember those "protein" shots and the "anthracs" shots that were'nt put in the medical record's and how about those pills that were suposed to save our lives.

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