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Melissa Corcoran

Date Posted:December 28, 1999
Personal Website:Not Disclosed

I arrived in Daharan in Nov 1991 My duty was with the 5th Maps In ATOC. I stayed in Daharan until May of 1992 at which time i returned back to Mildenhall UK. I got out of the AF in Dec of 1992. I am very proud to have served my country in Saudi but as far as my health goes well, thats another story.....

I suffer from memory loss, very sore Joints, lack of sleep, mood swings and to top that off I have been treated for cancer and now I find out I have a Hyper Thyroid. I am tired all the time. I now work for the Post Office and have called in sick often which affects my job. I dont know what is happening to me. I was always very healthy before Saudi. I have an appointment witht he VA in Nov this year 1999. I finally got the courage to go get checked out after getting my rashes and just feel like im actually dieing. I feel depressed all the time now and worried about leaving my daughter alone in life.

What is happening to us? Are we going to be okay? What is causing this? I guess we all have questions that we would love to have the answers to.

I will get back to you all and let you know how the examine goes. Until take care and God bless you all.


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