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Travis Garms

Date Posted:July 10, 1999
Personal Website:Not Disclosed

In Jan 1989 I joined the army reserve in Kansas City, Mo. on July 5 of 89 I left for boot camp in Ft. Jackson, S.C. After different shot vaccines i received, mainly on July 30 of 89 i had swelling from one of the shots that i received. Next day at 4:15 am i had a grandmal seizure and have had them ever since. i too have GWS and my sizures are uncontrolled and they cant figure out why i have the problems that i do. i suffer from many of the same problems as those troops that went over to the Gulf. But,to me, what is unique about me is that i have this BEFORE the Gulf.Military discharged me in Aug 89. there is all this attention about the GWS but it began before the gulf. They have no answers for me, and my phyical abilities is getting worse. Its been 10 yrs now and now im 100 percent disabled with military and the state of KS.i would like to know what the shots were that were given in JULY of 1989 at Ft. Jackson S.C. I try herbs which help with some things but i just cant beat what ever the problem is. i mainly have neurological problems and some mental problem too. Chronic fatigue, blurred vision, pains and one side of body doesnt feel pain like the other side. If anyone has any answers or can help my e-mail is

Thank You

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