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Robert Lilly

Date Posted:January 18, 1999
Personal Website:Not Disclosed

My name is Rob lilly. I was involved in the build up to the Gulf war from about a week after Iraq invaded. I was stationed at RAF Lyneham, on UK Mobile Air Movements Squadron. We went on the initial deployment moving all of the weapons and troops to Cypus, Followed by trips to Jeddah and Thumrait. After that in December 1990 I went to Riyhad for a while where I was injected with Antrax, Whooping cough and something I can't remember. The side effects at the time were quite bad but only lasted a couple of days. We were also given naps and baps(which we were not supposed to take, but we did!!).Later I went on to serve in Bahrain and Sercenk in Northern Iraq.

I have been out of the RAF for about 4 years now, I was suffering quite baddly with depression and violent mood swings, I went to a psychoanalyst after grabbing my Mum by the Kneck and shoving her into a door. He suggested that I had been traumatised by what I had seen and has helped me to learn to control myself better but I do still suffer with a terrible rage resulting from stressfull situations and memory loss which means I have to write notes every where because two mins later I forget things.

I dont expect to ever get any recognition from the armed services because they just dont care.

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