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RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". Below is a list of syndication sources that the GWVRP provides aggregate access to. The newsfeeds below are not a part of the GWVRP content, rather the content belongs to the identified source. The content sources make this data available through RSS.

As new relevant syndication sources are established or located they will be added here. If you are aware of an RSS 2.0 feed that you think should be included here, please contact us.

The GWVRP provides several newsfeeds for RSS Aggregators:

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RSS Source Description
View Yahoo! Newsfeed Newsfeed topic: Iraq
View Yahoo! Groups The US Military Veterans List is designed to discuss and inform the veteran on current US military issues, veteran's benefits, problems and finding solutions to the decline in veterans benefits. To foster a spirit of togetherness and support for our fellow veterans. Advertise veteran events and activities and to aid in finding the veteran's lost buddies, family and friends. Thanks.
View The Iraq Page
View NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Podcast | PBS
View The enduring outcomes affecting veterans of the 1991 Gulf War

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