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Desert Storm Veterans of the Rocky Mountains

4050 Cody
Wheat Ridge , Colo 80033

FAX: 303-422-2962 (shared line)

Organizational Contact: Denise Nichols , President

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Who We Are

Formed in 1993. First meeting held in February 1994. Actively involved since 1992.

Have been instrumental in having State Hearings in Denver Colo in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998. Two state resolutions and two state laws passed.

Honored to have had Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell hold official US Senate VA oversight hearing at our state capitol July7,1994

Founded by a gulf war veteran nurse, retired Major, USAFR MSN

Participants include Medical Service Corp officers, physicians,VSO's, and a mix of all services/specialities that served in the gulf.

What We Do

We assist nationally and within the Rocky mountain region to educate and inform about Gulf War illnesses.

We have an active referral network to doctors, veteran service officiers, senators and congressional staff to assist Gulf War veterans in getting appropriate health care and guidance on compensation issues.

Our Founder and President has been very active in attending national hearings and meetings. She assisted directly in getting the US Senate started on the Special Senate Investigation that was completed in 1998.

She assisted in providing Shays' committee in the House with information on Doctors, researchers, and veterans for testimony in each of their hearings over 3 years.

We actively work with TV, Radio, Newspapers to increase coverage on the Gulf War illnesses issue.

We held A Western Medical Conference on Gulf War illnesses in 1995. At this event we had 6 of the Independent Gulf War researchers present and share information.

We were able to have the Presidential Advisory Committee come and hold hearings in Denver. We also have pushed to get the OSAWGI team visits. These actions are done so that veterans in the Rocky Mountain States have ready access to the investigative process that is occurring.


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