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New England Persian Gulf Veterans Organization

441 North Hartland Road
White River Junction , Vermont 05001

FAX: 802-295-3524

Organizational Contact: David or Patricia Irish , President David S. Irish Vice President Patricia A. Irish

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Who We Are

New England Persian Gulf Veterans is a non profit organization that was founded by David S. Irish and wife Patricia A. Irish (Trish) on January 26th, 1996. Prior to that we researched and compiled information. Dave being a former 10 year Marine who also served in the Gulf wa,r came home ill, and wife and daughter also became ill with an undiagnosed illness. We too became as frustrated with the same problems as other veterans in the lack of medical care and the insensitivity of others, in regards to Gulf related matters. We have both been actively involved in Persian Gulf matters from the time Dave came home. We have been attending meetings with Congressman Benrard Sanders and of course Bernie's Best (former General during the Gulf War Donald Edwards.) They have been wonderful in helping us to convince the VA to try the Nicholson study. We went public in 1996 about our own medical problems and at times it was rough to have people asking us questions about our medical problems as we were both not feeling well and to be criticized by non believers. We organize meetings for Veterans with Congressional leaders and VA staff in our area and it has allowed both sides to work on the problems. We are seeing a positive change in attitude in the medical community by both the VA and the private sector and yes the road is long and there are many more questions to be answered. Our mission is to serve and support our Veterans. Our Phone Number and Fax is (802) 295-3524 Our Motto is All Gave Some, Some Gave All, and Some Are Still Giving!!! Email and

What We Do

Veterans Helping Veterans Attend Meetings with Congressional leaders Attend meetings with VA officials Conduct a monthly meeting for Gulf Vets Arrange meetings for Veterans with VA staff Mail or email updated information to Vets Referrals to other resources for veterans Assistance Educate the general public, our communities that many Gulf War Vets our ill with an undiagnosed illness. And Much More!!!


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