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The Last Patrol

1622 Dolphin Dr.
St Cloud , FL 34771


Organizational Contact: Michael Woods , Co- National Coordinator

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Who We Are

A veterans Advocacy group that has done numerous marches throughout the United States.

What We Do

Ok everyone..... We The Last Patrol have had plenty of time now to reflect, gather thoughts and rest up after a long walk to D.C. from Melbourne Fl last year. The main focus on that last walk was to bring a better awareness of the illnesses effecting many veterans, and to bring attention to the fact that this country continues to leave are Brothers and Sisters behind. They just call it BNR now (Body not Recovered)But know matter how you look at it we they are still MIA!! Now lets get down to the reason I am writing you all. It is time again to take to the road for the basic right and demand for TRUTH and ACCOUNTABILITY.. I have sat back listened, reflected, and thought long and hard about what our next move should be. But after reading the letter below it all became very clear. There is no way in the world I can ever sit back and hear that my fellow veterans are being treated like this and not try and do something to change it. Therefore starting on May 17,1998. We will begin to walk around Walter Reed Medical Center and Demand that those who are calling themselves "Veterans Advocates" Become Veterans Advocates!!!!!!!! We will demand that they become accountable for there actions. I hope you will all Join US in a UNITED effort in search of Truth and Accountability.

Michael D Woods Co-National Coordinator The Last Patrol 1622 Dolphin Dr St Cloud Fl 34771 407-891-8936


We are a "family" who is afflicted with Gulf War Illness. We sent our blood to an independent medical lab and found that each member of our family has contracted an infection known as Mycoplasma Fermentans (incognitis). This infection stemmed from my husband's time in the Persian Gulf but remains unrecognized at Walter Reed along with other families who have also tested positive and attended the Phase III program. We remain very sick even though we attended and "graduated" from the Specialized Care Program ( Phase III).

We took advantage of the Specialized Care Program at Walter Reed in hopes to receive medical intervention. It is important to notify other possibly attendees of the misconceptions this program brings. The program is not recommend for sick gulf war veterans and their family members if one would like to make progress in their quest to regain their health. The program is "paraded" as a success story only by those who work there. Personal gain remains the focus of this program. With little input and repetitive agendas the staff is receiving entirely too much money in not helping sick gulf war veterans and family members. The money should be channeled to areas which would better help the medical attention Gulf War Illness patients need.

The team claiming to be a "veterans advocate" is nothing more than a team of psychologist and physchiatrist. The Specialized Team consist of 6 or more psychologist/ phychiatrist majors who base GWI on "unknown illnesses". It is suggested throughout the program to disregard any current medications, listen to stress reduction tapes, and attend private sessions with assigned psychologist. The issue of vaccines, biological exposures and chemical exposures are totally dismissed. The article porported 15 '"medical professionals" currently staff the Phase III team; it is these fifteen "medical professionals" that seems to be in question . The number can be misleading for part of the 15 do not hold medical degrees or any degree for that matter. Part of these 15 professional staff mentioned include receptionist, medical record technicians, administrator ( who incidentally does not hold a Bachelors degree), computer survey technician, a fitness instructor (rank: enlisted) medical records technician, non-commissioned officer in charge (but it doesn't state what he is in charge of).

The program begins at 6:00 am each morning with PT, followed by claases which are formatted in lecture form from 9:00-5:00 each day. The lectures consist of medical illness one does not exhibit;for example, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. There seems to be a common thread among GW Vets and family members; for example: chronic fatique, diarrhea, aching joints, and neurological problems; these issues are not addressed in Phase III except to tell you these symptoms do not really exist but if present, this illness is due it PTSD. It is important to mention sick children of veterans who served in the Gulf could not possibly experience PTSD for they have not been exposed to any "war dramatic situation."

Blood and urine samples are collected throughout the three week sessions but the results are never exposed or discussed even when victims attending demand explanations of the results; nor are these results added to ones medical records or mentioned in the final evaluations Other classes are similar to basic psych. 101 classes in which animal experimentations are discussed with no documentation to support the lectures even upon request), stress reduction classes, medicine abuse, abuse of medical testing, biofeed back, and insomnia classes, to name a few.

There was only one medical internist doctor who was quite knowledgeable of biological and chemical exposures; however he had a misfortunate accident in October which resulted in death. He will not be replaced with another medical internist, but will be replaced with yet another psychiatrist postion (TBA). There is one clinical phychologist whos job is to be the "time keeper." She keeps a running account of the participants arrival times and departure times in each scheduled event. I question the professional salary paid for one to be a stop watch during these sessions. If the participate is attending another appointment (conflicts do exist in the scheduling) the time keeper notates in the medical records a "no show" with no mention of attendance to another appointment scheduled. Most of the three weeks is spent in one class room with little to no activity besides sitting and listening. There does exist one field trip during the three weeks in Washington entitled "Coming To Terms: A Visit to Arlington National Cemetery". The sick does not need to attend a cemetery to reflect on their time in the service. These men and women are proud of their dedication to their country; it is only too sad their country does not show the same graditude.

In conclusion, the program is not specialized but another avenue where wasteful amounts of tax payers money is misspent. This is an area which needs true and sincere attention. It is strongely recommended the sick do not participate but instead demand a program of substance and adequate medical care. The program started approximately in 1995 and as of July of 1997 the highly paid staff had only seen 90 sick veterans. Each session has 1 to 7 participates. After each 3 week sesion the staff takes several weeks for "reflection" before herding another group through. The staff receives professional salaries however they do not see very many patients and are not engaged in research which would benifit sick Gulf War Veterns and family members. The staff wants to know of all medications taken by attendees and strongely encourage the sick to throw away these medications and rely on "stress reduction" techinques instead. There are too few who have attend and too many who have abandoned the program in mid-stram because of it's content.

Gulf War Veterans and family members are not plagued with "chronic unknown illnesses" but are, in fact, plagued by illnesses originating from experimental vaccines developed and administered by DOD along with biologicals manufactured in the United States and sold to Saddham from 1984 until 2 weeks before the war begin. Unless these issues are fully addressed soldiers and innocent family members will continue to be affected and possibly spread this illness as has been proven communicable through family members, households, and close friends/relationships. Clinics of this nature are of no real substance; the money allotted for the program should instead be channeled to a more productive solution in meeting the needs of those afflicted. One must remember Gulf War Illness is not a "mental" illness but instead an "experimental" illness.


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