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The National Gulf War Resource Center, Inc.

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Organizational Contact: Paul Sullivan , President

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Who We Are

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Welcome to the Home Page of the National Gulf War Resource Center. The Resource Center was established in June 1995 to provide information, resources and support to the dozens of grassroots Gulf War veterans organizations which have formed in recent years. We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization devoted to assisting community based organizations which assist those who have been affected by illnesses stemming from the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

The NGWRC would like to thank The Gulf War Veterans Resource Pages for making this information available to the public on a pro bono basis. The GWVRP and the National Gulf War Resource Center are not affiliated organizations.

What We Do

Mission Statement:

The NGWRC is an international coalition of advocates providing a resource of information, support and referrals for all those

concerned with the complexities of the Persian Gulf War issues.


· Improve Health Care · Provide Education · Perform Outreach · Monitor Research Portfolio

Legislative Agenda:

· Authorization and appropriations providing for the presumption of service connection for all Gulf War veterans for injuries and diseases related to chronic neurological and immunological diseases. · Funding for independently reviewed non-governmental scientific research into the course, and consequences of illnesses related to hazardous exposures during the 1991 Persian Gulf war. Ongoing studies by the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, and Centers for Disease Control regarding Gulf War related illnesses and statistically significant occurrences of illnesses among deployed and non-deployed Gulf War Era veterans, Department of Defense Civilians and contract workers and their families – including statistically significant incidences of birth defects and miscarriages. · A large scale independent peer reviewed epidemiological study must be conducted on those groups at risk listed above. · Identify shortfalls in chemical and biological defense · Restore confidence among active duty and reserve personnel in the capabilities of detection and protection equipment and doctrine. · Provide Congressional oversight to ensure that current Gulf War related legislation is effectively administered.

The National Gulf War Resource Center was established to support grassroots organizations in their efforts to directly assist veterans and families in their communities. Our mission is to provide timely and accurate information to the groups across the country in order to minimize wasted hours and money "Re-inventing the wheel".

National Bi-Monthly Update

Our primary means of assisting is through providing information. The National Bi-Monthly Update, which is faxed or mailed every other Friday afternoon, contains the latest information on the effort to get help for those affected by Gulf War Syndrome.

The Bi-Monthly Update includes information such as: legislative changes new studies and scientific progress articles by experts in various fields giving valuable information on where and how to get help notices from veterans organizations across the country of their own issues of concern, meetings, conferences, etc. Transcripts of congressional and committee testimony and any other information affecting Gulf veterans and others who have suffered ill health from the Gulf War.

Self-Help Guides

The Resource Center is currently developing the "Self-Help Guide for Persian Gulf War Veterans," which will provide information and assistance to veterans on filing VA claims, getting medical assistance and getting help for themselves and their families.

Start-up Assistance

The Resource Center will assist new grassroots organizations by providing assistance wherever possible for new groups. Such assistance will include providing sample bylaws and incorporation paperwork and identifying legal experts to handle the paperwork necessary to become a non-profit organization. The only requirement for assistance is that the new organization be committed to providing services for sick Gulf War veterans and their families.


The Resource Center thanks our Supporting Sponsors

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.

Dr. Howard Urnovitz

Veterans Speakers Alliance

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages

James J. Tuite, III

927th Family Network

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