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Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages
Frequently Asked Questions

The Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages FAQ

©1994-2021, by Grant Szabo All Rights Reserved.
Last Update: 2/14/2005

This FAQ was created by Grant Szabo, Editor in Chief & Founder of the Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages, originally for distribution to subscribers of the Gulf War mailing list. The FAQ is updated periodically by Grant Szabo.

This FAQ may be distributed freely by interested parties as long as it is not edited and kept in this original form.

Q. Where can I write to get medals?
A. Visit U.S. National Archives & Records Administration

Q. I am trying to locate the Persian Gulf Veterans forms that are used to certify Gulf veterans for educational benefits.
A. Go to Go to apply online. You'll see this at the top of the page. Go to education, this will direct you to use VONAPP. You'll have to sign up as a new user, name password etc. Once you have your password you can use VONAPP for just about anything. I'm not sure what educational benefits you are apply for, there are chapter 30, 31, 35, the list goes on. But don't worry, VONAPP is easy to navigate. If you are just looking to recieve your GI bill, that form is 22-1990. This is one way. Another is call 1-888-442-4551 (GI Bill). Or 1-800-827-1000. Most colleges have VA reps on hand to assist you also. Going this way is what I would recommend. Just make sure you have a copy of your DD-214 on hand. You'll need a copy of it no matter what way you chose to go.

Q. I am suffering from Gulf War Syndrome and I need help, what do I do?
A. A partnership has been established between the GWVRP and the National Gulf War Resource Center called the Referral Network. After filling out this form, your comments are immediately emailed to the NGWRC. You can expect to hear from someone within 1 to 2 weeks (or sooner) after filling out the form. This person will call you at the phone number you list on the form or email you if that seems more suitable.

You should also contact your local VA Medical Center and be seen by a VA doctor. You should also speak with the ambulatory care social worker who is (generally speaking) a highly knowledgeable individual who can help get you connected with the right people and groups in the community as well as help you navigate the confusing waters of the VA. You may also have a service connected disability that entitles you to money every month from the government -- the social worker can help get that process started.

Another option to consider is checking to see if there is a Vet Center in your area. Vet Centers are often more accessible than the VA and can provide information you need quickly and efficiently. Check here for eligibility.

Q. How can I get my military records. Where are forms located?
A. Forms can be had at the VA's web site at this URL:

Q. What about spouses of Gulf War Veterans and their children?
A. In 1996 Veterans Administration initiated a special program to fund health examinations of spouses and children of Gulf War Veterans. It was just too common of the number of children and spouses that were plague with the same health concerns to ignore. The one thing that needs to happen, if it wasn't already done, is that the father needs to be enrolled in the Persian Gulf Registry Program. He may need to take a physical first before his children can. This can be accomplished by calling 1-800-749-8387.

Q. What is the Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages (GWVRP)?
A. Located at and founded in June, 1994, the GWVRP was the very first site on the Internet to offer comprehensive information in support of Persian Gulf War Veterans, and very likely the very first site on the Internet offering any information for veterans whatsoever (this isn't a boast, it's the truth). The site is currently hosted in Cincinnati, OH (USA) and is not affiliated with any government entities. The original domain for the site was, but was later changed to around 1997. In retrospect, it was a mistake to give up that domain, as it later became a porn site, but now at least looks like somthing legitimate.

Q. Why was the GWVRP created?
A. Grant was completing an MSW (Master of Social Work) degree at Loyola University of Chicago from 1992-1994. During this time period, Grant worked for several months as a Social Work Intern at the Department of Veteran Affairs in North Chicago, IL. One of his duties was conducting psychosocial exams with Gulf War veterans for purposes of applying to get onto the Persian Gulf War Registry. The site started out modestly as a way for Grant to get the word out about the Registry to a larger group of Veterans than just the NCVAMC. Grant is not a veteran and left the VA in 1996 to pursue a career in Information Technology. The site continues to run because everytime Grant thinks about taking it offline something poignant happens to convince him to keep it running.

Q. How is the GWVRP funded?
The site receives no financial support from any source and is completely paid for, maintained, and supported solely and 100% by Grant. The site generates a very modest level of advertising revenue that helps defray the costs of hosting the site.

Q. What kind of information is on the site?
A. The site features a comprehensive searchable document library covering all aspects of the war. There is absolutely no attempt to filter content or to try and tell just one side of the story. Documents featured on the site are gathered from a variety of sources, often the local paper, or articles of interest that are found on the Internet. Sometimes users of the site suggest content or submit articles that are then added to the site. Additionally, some content on the site is submitted by Member Organizations who have signed up as such with the GWVRP.

Additional Important Features include:

  • Photo Gallery
    A comprehensive picture gallery displaying personal photographs submitted by Gulf War Veterans. Email Grant through the contact form if you are interested in submitting photos.

  • Tracings in the Sand:
    Read personal stories submitted by Gulf War Veterans that discuss their experience in the Gulf and their lives afterwards. We welcome additional submissions!

  • Discussion Forums:
    Threaded discussion forums for discussing Gulf War related issues publicly.

  • RSS Feeds:
    Syndicated on-topic content from 3rd party sources.

  • Locator Database:
    Search our locator database to find your friends from the war. Add your name so they can find you.

Q. Who administers the site?
A. The site is managed solely by Grant Szabo. Over the years there have been others who have helped, including Jeff Beer (1995-2000 Programming), Charles Sheehan-Miles(1996-2000 Content Editor), and Lee Stral (1995 Content Editor). As of 2005, Richard Bearup has begun helping as a Content Editor (and responding to letters the site receives) and in 2006, Harold Messer began volunteering time to help oversee and manage the Forums (Discussion Boards).

If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity, please contact Grant.

Q. How do I make suggestions or comments about the pages?
A.Use our Contact Form at

Q. How can I help maintain the pages?
A. You can let us know when you find new information and resources that would be good additions to the pages. Please use the contact form.

The mission of the GWVRP is to disseminate health related information to veterans of the Persian Gulf War in an unbiased format. The site is operated completely by volunteers and is not affiliated with any government entities or programs. ©1994-2021, Shaw Avenue Consulting.