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Document Dated: September 30, 1998
Date Posted: September 30, 1998

By the direction, coordination, and good faith effort to provide assistance and information to the Gulf War veteran community, the VA Medical Center, Fayetteville, North Carolina, has initiated the first interactive meeting of the: "GULF WAR VETERANS INFORMATION AND SUPPORT GROUP" In the Zabitosky Conference Room, located on the first floor of the VAMC. The first meeting is on Wednesday, 23 September, and starts at 6:00 pm. SPECIAL PERSONS PRESENT WHO HAVE MADE THIS A REALITY ARE: RICHARD BALTZ - Director of the VAMC, Fayetteville, NC DOCTOR LAKIN - Coordinating Physician for GWI and Agent Orange YVONNE KING - MSSW, Social Worker ( 910 ) 822-7068 NORMA BYRD - Public Relations ( Will not be present, however, it should be noted that she has been instrumental in coordinating this event.) OTHER SPECIAL PERSONS WHO WILL BE PRESENT ARE: LAURA STALBOSKY - ( Tentively Scheduled ) GWI and Agent Orange Office ANNE KNOWLES - President, NC County Veteran Service Officers Assn. ERIC TRUESDALE - Harnett County Veteran Service Officer DOUGLAS WADDELL - Adjutant, DAV Post # 46, Fayetteville, NC

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