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Supporting the Troops in Bosnia

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Document Dated: December 1, 1995
Date Posted: January 27, 1997

Editor's Note: Additional Info from Paul Sullivan just arrived, "The Adjutant General has just received the addresses for our troops deployed to Bosnia. The mailing address for Navy and Marine personnel is:
  Any Service Member Mail  APO AE  09398  

The mailing addresses for Army and Air Force personnel and their family members still in Europe are:

  Any Service Member Mail	        Any Service Member Family  APO AE  09397			APO AE  09399  


My name is Jim Bunker and I am the 1st District Commander of the Disabled American Veterans, Department of Kansas. I am writing to ask for your help in getting the word out on Operation 'PROVIDE SUPPORT'.

I am a veteran of the Gulf War. One of the things that the men I was in charge of, loved was the letters sent 'To Any Service Member'. This was the only mail some of my men ever did received. It helped keep their spirit up.

As we all know, we have service member in harms way once again. I am trying to get this letter writing going to let the troops know that we do care about them. I would like to see all of our young students write. The questions they ask are the most uplifting of them all. I call this Operation Provide Support.

If you have any questions about this please call me at home. The best time to call is after 3:00 and before 9:30 P.M. for most of the time I am at the VA in the AM. My phone number is (913) 862-9201.

The address for this is:

APO, AE 09789 or 09788

This address may change latter on, once they get the mail set up better. or you can use this one:

APO AE 09135

This address for Task Force Eagle was given to me from a Congressmen and has been in use for over 8 years. He sat this up for letters to go to any service member. In the lower left corner of the envelope print in bold lettering "For Troops In Bosnia" This will help it in getting it there.

The DoD has for those of us that use the internet to write. The link is at this will let most net users to send a short letter of 50 words. If you send any thing longer, the system will truncate it to 50 words. Each letter will go to all commands in the operations area. Some may be read on the Armed Forces Radio and TV service. This is a great way for those with 'on-line service to send letters and have many troops get just one letter. This would be a good project for students in computer classes to be working on.

Thank You for Your Support

  James A. Bunker  Captain, FA (ret)  1703 SW 66th Street  Topeka, KS 66619  

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