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Freedom of Information Act Appeal - Upheld

Author: Not Specified
Publication: Not Specified
Document Dated: Not Specified
Date Posted: January 16, 1997

Freedom Of Information Act Appeal

The Reply

This is in reference to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIO) letter, dated September 8, 1996, appealing our NO Record Finding determination regarding your original request. The reference number assigned is 96M205. In this request you asked for information concerning the plague vaccine manufactured by Bayer used during Desert Storm.

Before processing your request for an appeal the Defense Personnel Support Center conducted a second search in your behalf. The following is the result of that search:

The reply by the Directorate of Medical Materiel basically remains the same, "an attempt was made to research who DPSC sold plague vaccine to during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. The computer system, Standard Automated Management Material System (SAMMS), only retrieves transaction histories as far back as two years, so a detailed history of every sale DPSC made during that time could not be retrieved. The Supply Control Studies, going back several years, summarizes demand by service over each quarter. According to these records DPSC did not sell any Foriegn Military Sales of the plague vaccine during the time of Operation Desert Shield/Storm. If youwere assigned with a US unit during Desert Storm, you may have been vaccinated along with the members of that unit, but DPSC has no records which would reflect what the American forces did with the vaccien after we shipped to them. You may be able to find out by asking the commander of your unit to request it from the US unit they were assigned with. Regarding the issue of the lot numbers of the plague vaccine that were used, DPSC has records of all the lots of products that were purchased from the manufacturer. However, DPSC does not have records of which lots were shipped to which specific military units."

A copy of your request has been forwarded to the FOIA office of the agencies in the enclosed list.

Your appeal will be processed by the Defense Logistics Agency, Headquarters, ATTN: Mrs Susan Salus, DLA-CAAV, Public Affairs, Suite 2533, 8725 John J. Kingman Road, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6221. The telephone number is (703) 767-6183. You should hear from Mrs. Salus directly.


B. Arinsgerg

Chief Administrative Support and Base Supply Division of Base Support Support Services

List of Agencies:

Defense Contract Management  District East  Boston    

Defense Contract Management District East (Sub Division) East Hartford

Defense Distribution Region Administration Support Center West Stockton

Director of Logistics Army Medical Command Falls Church

US Army Research & Materiel Command Fort Detrick

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