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Huelva Toxic Syndrome (HTS)

Author: Lopes-Rueda, F. (
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Date Posted: January 14, 1997

1) New Human Diseases

2) When Science and Politics collide

3) Huelva Toxic Syndrome

4) Related Syndromes

5) More About


New human diseases induced by environmental pollutants appear, each day with more frequency and intensity in our planet. Pollutants may be biological (virus, bacteria, protozoo, fungi), chemical ( organic molecules and other compounds) and physical (radioactive contamination).

It is necessary to research Toxic 1) Physical, Radio-active, 2) Chemical, 3) Biological. Natural and induced (made man).

During october-57 the Reactor of Winscale burnt and produced radioactive contamination practically in all the British Islands. In 1984 report the results of the accomplished projects. Look the radioactive elements that investigate: 85-Kr, 89-Sr, 90-Sr, 90-Y, 91-Sr, 91-Y, 93-Y, 95-Zr, 95-Nb, 97-Zr, 99-Mo, 103-Ru, 105-Rh, 106-Ru, 106-Rh, lll-Ag, 115-Cd, 123-Sn, 125-Sn, 127-Sb, 129-mTe, 129-Te, 131mXe, 131-Y, 132-Te, 133-Xe, 134-Cs, 135-Xe, 136-Cs, 137-Cs, 140-Ba, 140-La, 141 -Ce, 143-Ce, 144-Ce, 147-Nd, 147-Pm, 149-Pm, 151 -Pm, 153-Sm, 156-Eu, 210-Po, 239-Pu, 238-U, 235-U y 3-H. Good work.

Can you mind how was Chernobyl? Can you know what are happening with all radio-active residues from accidents, industry, military tests and war.

Gulf war veterans were attacked with chemical molecules and they were sickening with the known Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), other many persons are attacked with environmental pollutants, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and Huelva Toxic Syndrome ( HTS) can be first reports these new human diseases.

The micro-organisms, the bacteria among them, can make many things. For example, by Recombination DNA, that is, manipulating its genetic code, Scherichia Coli, that it's a normal guest of our colon, it is capable of synthesising not glycosilated proteins, as Insulin or Growth Hormone.

Fifteen years ago, all the diabetics at world, that were requiring insulin, must be of pancreas pork or bovine. Today all the diabetics are injected synthetic insulin with equal molecular structure human insulin and without pollutants. We know it how R-DNA Insulin, this is, Insulin obtained by Recombination DNA. And the same with the Growth Hormone. Before the children with deficit of this hormone, must administrate originating from human hypophisis, in the autopsies were extracting of the corpses to obtain growth hormone. Today our children use synthetic growth hormone, with a structure exactly equal chemistry to the human and we have all we need, our good SCHERICHIA COLI is always working . The question in the high adaptive and manipulate capacity of these micro-organisms.

New molecules derived industry and agriculture, through chain food or directly, are contaminating the pluricells human with very less adaptive capacity than unicells.

New human diseases appears and many doctors don't understand what are happening. Huelva, Gulf War, Chronic Fatigue, Chemical Sensitivity patients are suffering our little knowledge of these new illnesses.


Independent Science Suggests That These New Illnesses May be Suffering From a Immune System Imbalance Syndrome. Science has traditionally been defined as the systematic observation of a phenomena for the purpose of discovering the laws governing those phenomena. Politics, on the other hand, is classically recognised as the art of controlling and reconciling diverse interests within a given unit of rule. Despite their fundamentally incompatible aims, however, politics has been involved in mediating science throughout history. Favourably reconciling controversies between observed reality and what seems to be practical is rarely non- controversial and has not always been easy.

These Syndromes have emerged as an example of such a controversy. Politically, this controversy is not convenient, it was not expected, it will be costly, and therefore it is not wanted by the government.

Observations of the natural phenomena, however, suggest that it is real, even if the laws governing the illness have not finally been identified.

This conflict has resulted in the distortion of the scientific scrutiny that is generally given to reports of the emerging illness.


In the beginning, chronic illnesses are a problem for individuals. These individuals grow progressively ill. Over time, individual physicians may begin to notice an unusual pattern of illness among their patients -- an unusual cancer or bacterial strain that keeps appearing in combination with a core of symptoms that they cannot pin down to a specific disease or aetiology. Physicians and patients begin to compare their observations. They begin to discuss the emerging phenomenon with other physicians. It may take a very long time before a real suspicion grows that there is something new, an new medical problem emerging. But then, standard scientific analysis usually takes over. Data is amassed, patient histories are examined. When did the symptoms first begin to manifest themselves? What are the common traits among patients? If the problem looks serious enough, or intriguing enough, it may become the focus of considerable medical research.

The patients themselves may be surprised when they begin to find that others with whom they associate share their symptoms. They often begin to share information about their experiences and their diagnoses, and compare what one medical specialist has said to another's conclusions. In time, they may organise and form support groups. These groups may push for government research and funding to identify the disease aetiology, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

This is the normal pattern by which a disease enters society. While slow, it is generally a sound and reasonable response by society to an emerging medical crisis. But this pattern does not always hold true, especially if the illness has, or may have, a political impact. Such is the case with Huelva Toxic Thyroiditis Syndrome.

During the "1995 toxic year", a very significant portion of HUELVA society shared a well-defined period of time in a limited geographic area. They breathed the same air, ate the food, drank the water, and had common medical care.

They all were contaminated by the same pollutant/pollutants. Then, why different presentations, why different ways of sickening?, sex, age, thyroiditis, plurigland toxic syndrome. What happens?. Are different or same illnesses?. That is the question with Huelva Toxic Thyroiditis Syndrome and also with Gulf War Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The first problem with traditional medicine is that in human pathology 2+2 not always are 4. Sometimes are 3 and othertimes are 5. Many dependent factors of the human genom can produce different answers, different diseases, despite the same chemistry , physical or biological aggression.

Also the phenotype can alter the response to same toxic. Oestrogen, ovary hormone female, increases the thyroid's bad response from the same pollutant. Remember Chernobyl, more than 90 percent affected wer female and children. Perhaps testosterone protects masculine thyroid and attacks the heart. Bony marrow and thyroid were the most affected organs in children and women.


During 1995 we assisted an atypical and toxic thyroiditis, that affected 725 patients dependent population 200.000 inhabitants. Many causes were researched. In this moment, we think environmental pollutant, route tap water ,was the responsible. Never, during my 20 years practical medicine, we assisted this phatology. The clinical features are pain and enlarged thyroid, presentation form acute-subacute. Mycrosomal and Thyroglobulin antibodies antithyroid are elevated as much as 300N (N high level normal).

In first moment T3, FT4 are elevated or normal and TSH normal decreased.

After FT4 decreased and TSH increased. The ultrasonographic provides enlarged and irregular thyroid, diffuse and nodular, hypo, hyper and norm echo. Gammagraphic provides irregular data, hypocaptation diffuse, hypercaptation nodules with hypocaptation diffuse, etc. Biopsy, FNA, shows abundant infiltrated lymphocytes. Patients were treated initially with Deflazacort and after deflazacort and L-tyroxine. The initial response was good. Antibodies decreased and clinical improved. Nevertheless, in this moment we are attending a reactivating clinical and antibodies, after deflazacort suppression and L-tyroxine maintenance.

We think environmental pollutant, route tap water, caused this atypical thyroiditis because it began after severe drought from 1990 to 1995 years.

After the abundant rains December 1995, February 1996, the epidemic got out but we are suffering its consequences.

Products used in agriculture ( pesticides or related compound) and organochlorines from industrial poles could be responsible atypical thyroiditis, Huelva, Spain. Strawberry and orange cultivation have increased significantly in the last years. Also we also have a chemical pole with varied industries, from the chlorinated, phosphataded and sulfurated compounds, fertilisers, plastics, until the blanch paper and others many they are present. Huelva is a very polluted city.

New Human Diseases (NHD) induced by pollutant environmental must be considerate when atypical illness appears in the community.

Others NHD have been reported. Other research has recently been presented on the prevalence of hypotension seen in Gulf War Veteran suffering from what has come to be known as Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).

Also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has been reported as probable consequence of environmental pollutant. Chemistry substances originating from industrial poles, agriculture or war, would be involved. More research is necessary to clarify these new forms of sickening of the man and animal.

An international forum must be created to study these events.

Huelva Toxic Syndrome (HTS), Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) can be the initial reports of these New Human Diseases.


A total of 725 patients of a population nucleus of 200.000 inhabitants were affected during year 1995 ATTH.

Their characteristic clinics, morfhologics, biochemistry and treatment and response standards have been already reported.

We attended in the current moment a reactivating of the Syndrome Plurigland as compared to the initial Thyroiditis. Clinically such reactivating is very similar to the CFS. They are women in mean age with asteny, anorexia, depression, hypotension.... etc.

A very meaningful data is the increase of the antibodies anti - thyroid, Thyroglobulin and Peroxidasa and the similarity with CFS, GWS and MCS, that we know in our environment as Huelva Toxic Thyroiditis Syndrome (HTTS) or Huelva Toxic Plurigland Syndrome (HTPS) or better Huelva Toxic Syndrome (HTS)

HTTS it was the initial demonstration and HTPS it is the current. (March 1996) Today all is Huelva Toxic Syndrome (HTS) (August 1996).

If the appearance of HTPS just go with thyroid antibodies increasing, but without demonstrations thyroid clinics, we must think that a autoimmune mechanism produced its initial presentation and present demonstration.

In this sense we are following the next hypothesis:

1) Pollutant environmental induced drought, probably route tap water produced the initial thyroiditis clinic demonstration. After treatment Deflazacort the thyroid symptoms transmit almost totally but after suppression there is a new increase antibodies to initial values, without thyroid demonstrations and new general symptoms.

2) since the patients have been maintained with L-TIROXINA to suppressive doses for TSH, it is probable that this treatment have protected of the reactivating thyroid.

3) The demonstration current clinic , with antithyroid antibodies increase induces us to think that the initial toxic, already eliminated after the abundant rains Dec. - 95/Feb -96, produced an immune response that persists.

We have of insisting, during March 1996 only 5 new patients have been attended, as compared to the more than 50 cases month, year 1995. We are in normality clinic-incidence situation but attending the consequences in the affected patients.

4) Our actual criteria is to administrate cycles with Deflazacort when we prove new antibodies increased.

5) Also we are getting a good symptomatic response with beta blockers ( propanolol) and anticolinergics (bellafolin). A dysfunction of the autonomous nervous system conditions would explain this favourable response. According to Issam Bou-Holaigah et al, in Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA): " The findings of this study document to close link between neurally mediated hypotension and the chronic fatigue syndrome". Up to 1 million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, which is sometimes referred to as "the yuppie flu".

6) We consider interesting to accomplish an immunitary study. We believe useful, easy and not expansive to determine antithyroid antibodies and others. The increase of the same would indicate a similarity in immune response of HTS , CFS, GWS and MCS. This would validate treatment standard with fludrocortisone, beta blockers , disopyramide , Deflazacort and/or others.

7) Also it would permit new treatment standards with immune modulators. For this, a greater autoimmune study would have to be accomplished.


What about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?. As much as one million American people and probably many European with this new illness. I believe would be necessary more real research and less stupid discussion between scientific and politics. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), is characterised by persistent and debilitating fatigue in additional non-specific symptoms such as sore throat, headache, tender muscles, joint pains, difficulty thinking and loss of short term memory.

And Huelva Toxic Syndrome?: Equal symptoms but with enlargement thyroid and very increased antibodies antithyroid in blood.

And Gulf War Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Similar symptoms.

But they don't want to see the similar, only the differences....... But they say: The most common conditions among sick Gulf veterans include tension headache, mild or stress-related anxiety or depression, joint pain, sleep disturbances, cold sweats and chronic fatigue.


What the common among HTS, CFS, GWS and MCS?. The common is an immune system imbalance syndrome.


1) First of all we must study the immune system of every patient. Then we would have to group, to order and to relate them..... Do you understand?.

More, our human histo-compatiblity system, MSH (Mayor System Histocompatiblity), HLA (Histocompatiblity Lymphocyte Antigen), are different in each patient and depending of this, they have different immune response to the same "strange" chemical, physical or biology aggression.

Then, many researchers are looking for similar criteria, but this is a wrong way, I believe....The right way may be think that different responses dependent different individual genetic conditions.

2) Second Remember. Our immune system persists in its attacks against ourselves after patients eliminate the toxic: chemical ( nervous gas, pesticides, plaguicides), physical (radionuclides) or biological (virus and other micro-organisms), they have stricken its attacks. Thus, our patients in Huelva (Spain) continue sick after the abundant rains that cleaned our pollutant, the gulf war veterans continue sick after six years and the affected of the chronic fatigue syndrome persist after of the contact. The important, the solved problem is modulating abnormal response of our immune system. We must classify inmunologically to the patients, after we must study their abnormal immune response and modulating. The immune-modulators are the key of the problem. Not as much the aggressor imports, as persistent anomalous immune response that continues attacking themselves.

It is necessary to research and control. immune response. The first right immune response against aggressor is after wrong against themselves.

3) Research different immune-modulator, against different wrong responses.

We are finding some different antibodies, against thyroid and other organs such as pancreas, myelin, gonads, testis and ovary, DNA, Nuclear, etc. It's our constellation antibodies.

4) Meanwhile, here in Huelva, we were getting a good response with Deflazacort. After the suppression the antibodies increased. For this, at current we administrate high and maintained doses of deflazacort as the next: 60 mg/24 h - 10 days, 52.5 mg/24 h - 10 days, 45 mg/24 h - 10 days, 37.5 mg/24 h - 10 days, 30 mg/24 h - 20 days (at 30 mg we increased up to 20 days), 30 mg/48 h - 30 days and 15 mg/48 h - continuing. In this way we have a good clinical and immunology response.

5) The last for now, I'm very grateful to American People. They were, are and will be helping me to resolve our problem. 236 email during about 90 days. 235 from USA. 1 from Europe and none from Japan. Sorry, I'm European.


And the true last:

I saw your message posted in our college dialogue space. Perhaps I could help you get your message routed to the right folks.

Do you wish to contact groundwater specialists?

John 217 244-2291

Thank Jonh Schmitz (, your message help me very much when I am depressed. My work is hard.

Francisco Lopez Rueda

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