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Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jesse Brown

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Document Dated: January 1, 1995
Date Posted: January 7, 1997

Secretary Brown

A combat-disabled Vietnam veteran, Jesse Brown was sworn into office as Secretary of Veterans Affairs in January 1993. He directs the second largest department in the federal government. He is the second person to serve in this office since VA became a cabinet department in March 1989. Prior to joining VA, Mr. Brown served more than 25 years with the Disabled American Veterans. He had served as that organization's executive director since 1989.

Paul Sullivan meets with Secretary Brown

August 11, 1994

Reggie Hadley and I met with VA Secretary Brown for five minutes today. We thanked him for putting vets first as well as for changing the VA policy on treating vets and giving us compensation.

Brown assured us that Gulf War vet issues remain at the top of his list of priorities. He said that he knew Gulf Vets were being denied evaluations and treatment, and that he is working to solve the problem. He also said that HR 4386 will pass the Senate and be signed by Clinton this Summer.

We advised him that there are still serious problems at the local level, and that the VA needs to release all of its information about chemical exposures and begin more serious outreach programs.

The local hospital director was surprised to see us speaking with the Secretary, and was interested to learn our lobbying points.

Brown was given a copy of our goals and a copy of a letter outlining our position and thanking him for the change in his position.

Secretary Brown's letter to Paul Sullivan, president of Gulf War Veterans of Georgia, Inc.

                    THE SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS                               WASHINGTON    

September 20, 1994

Dear Mr. Sullivan:

Thank you for your recent letter and for the list of the "Ten Goals of the Gulf War Veterans of Georgia" you enclosed. As you know, I intend to do whatever I can to assist those of our Gulf War veterans who are in need. Your goals will help me to focus on that task.

Thanks also for your support and your kind words about me. It was nice seeing you in Atlanta last month. I hope that you will continue your outstanding efforts on behalf of our fellow veterans. Together, I believe that we will make the kind of progress our courageous Gulf War veterans need and deserve.

Please accept my best wishes and warmest personal regards.


Jesse Brown

Secretary Brown Establishes "Blue Ribbon" Panel

Group Met in May 1993 to Consider Medical Problems Faced by Persian Gulf Veterans

(Vol. 1, No. 3) Persian Gulf Review

Because of continuing concerns about the possible health effects of military service in the Persian Gulf, on March 30, 1993, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jesse Brown announced that hi established a "blue ribbon" panel of experts to examine these concerns, including multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Announcing his action Secretary Brown said, "While most of the Persian Gulf veterans we are treating have health problems no different from those of other vetrans, a number of them have conditions that may be related to Gulf service which, so far, have eluded diagnosis. I am determined that VA discover exactly just what is causing these problems and develop treatment approaches to help these vetrans."

The "blue ribbon" panel, formally known as the "Persian Gulf Expert Scientific Panel," was composed of experts in environmental and occupational medicine and related fields from both government and the private sector, as well as officials from veterans service organizations.

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